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Whitepaper: The Value of Sustainability
Know How

CO₂ neutral paper

Mondi Neusiedler has been offering CO₂ neutral products for over a decade, including Color Copy original and selected products from the NAUTILUS® range. In April 2021, the mill extended its offering of CO₂ neutral paper to almost all premium paper brands. This includes PERGRAPHICA®, Mondi's premium paper brand for creative design, publishing and luxury packaging applications, combining premium printing and finishing quality with sustainability in one portfolio.

    CO₂ neutral print

    According to ClimatePartner, paper accounts for 50-75% of a printed book’s CO₂ footprint. Choosing CO₂ neutral paper is the first step towards CO₂ neutral print jobs.

    Reduce CO₂ footprint

    Printing houses and publishers, agencies and print producers committed to act on climate change can make an immediate impact by using sustainably sourced CO₂ neutral paper.

    Meet customer needs

    Climate change awareness is increasing the demand for CO₂ neutral print products. Brand owners, agencies, publishers and designers are looking for ways to decrease their CO₂ footprint.

How can paper be CO2 neutral?

According to our partner ClimatePartner, companies, processes and products are climate neutral if their carbon emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting internationally recognized carbon offset projects. One of those projects that we at Mondi support is the Pesqueiro hydro power plant on the Jaguariaríva River in south Brazil. Therefore, we are pleased to offer PERGRAPHICA® and Color Copy original CO₂ neutral as standard, as well as most of our premium papers such as NAUTILUS®, NEUJET® and others on request.

Our CO₂ neutral design paper



Choosing PERGRAPHICA® is the first step towards making creative design, publishing and premium design packaging projects sustainable. The entire PERGRAPHICA® range has been CO₂ neutral as standard since April 2021. Our full spectrum design paper is made in Austria and fulfils the strict international standards set by FSC™ and EU Ecolabel.

Our CO2 neutral digital printing paper


Color Copy original

As a pioneer in the field, Mondi started offering the leading digital colour printing paper Color Copy original CO₂ neutral in 2010 – and they haven’t stopped since. By offsetting the papermaking carbon emissions that can’t be avoided,

20 000 tons of verified carbon standard emissions are saved every year.

How does CO₂ offsetting work?

Mondi paper CO₂ emissions are calculated and offset with the support of ClimatePartner and are therefore classified as CO₂ neutral. Mondi’s CO₂ calculations are based on recognised industry standards such as CEPI's Carbon Footprint Framework for paper and board products. ClimatePartner is an international solutions provider for corporate climate action, with whom Mondi has a longstanding relationship. To offset all calculated CO₂ emissions that cannot be reduced or avoided, Mondi supports the Pesqueiro hydro power plant on the Jaguariaríva River in south Brazil – an internationally recognised carbon offset project. To offer transparency and help customers to highlight their sustainability ambitions, information about the CO₂ neutrality of the products is printed on the packaging and included in customer documents.

Mondi – Sustainable by Design

Do you want to learn more about how we contribute to a better world? Mondi is determined to make a difference. MAP2030 (Mondi Action Plan 2030) sets out the actions we will take as a Group to meet our ambitious 2030 sustainability goals. We believe that by focusing on circular driven solutions, created by empowered people, taking action on climate we will have the most positive impact.

Learn more about CO2 reduction


Our partner, the environmental consultancy ClimatePartner provides you with the latest information on our certificates. Please follow this link to see the Color Copy certificate.
We offset our CO₂ emissions by supporting accredited projects. Our current one is the Hydropower project in Parana, Brazil. Read more about the project in this reference story.
Climate change is a global problem. CO₂ neutrality is based on the principle that greenhouse gas emissions have a damaging effect on the climate – globally. Therefore, in terms of climate protection the exact origins of the emissions are irrelevant as are the specific locations where emission avoidance takes place. Mondi supports those countries that are most affected by climate change. We invest in energy efficiency and biomass projects in our operations in Europe and all over the world. The Kyoto mechanisms like Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint implementation (JI) aim to support projects in developing countries. In addition, European projects which aim to reduce CO₂ emissions are mainly obligatory projects – investing in them could lead to double counting of the available certificates.
The first step towards developing a CO₂ neutral product is the calculation of all CO₂ emissions produced in the product’s life cycle, otherwise known as the Product Carbon Footprint. The Product Carbon Footprint was calculated together with the environmental consultancy ClimatePartner and in accordance with the Confederation of European Paper Producers’ (CEPI) 10 toes standard for carbon footprint calculation. Using this framework, Mondi presented a standardised, concise statement detailing the environmental impact of its products on climate change. In the last step, we compensate for the calculated volume of CO₂ per ton of paper by purchasing CO₂ certificates guaranteeing a CO₂ neutral product.
No, it won’t. About 50-75% of the CO₂ emissions of the print job fall on the paper. Therefore, if you buy climate-neutral paper now, you have already offset around 50-75% of the emissions. The remaining part can be covered by our partner ClimatePartner who would then deduct the emission of the paper from the total CO₂ emissions. The additional compensation will only be done for example for the part of the energy or your printer, but not the paper anymore.
The Product Carbon Footprint for paper is calculated with the “CEPI 10 Toes“ method – today we define it from “Cradle2Gate” (which means to the mill gate of Mondi Neusiedler).

Reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in line with science-based targets

  • – Reduce our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 34% per ton of saleable production by 2025 and 72% by 2050 from the 2014 base year
  • – Reduce Scope 2 GHG emissions by 39% per MWh by 2025 and by 86% by 2050 from the 2014 base year​​​​​​​
  • – Set a science-based Scope 3 reduction target by 2025

Maintain zero deforestation in our wood supply, sourcing from healthy and resilient forests

  • – Maintain 100% FSCTM certification in our own forestry landholdings
  • – 100% responsibly sourced fibre with 75% FSC- or PEFCTM-certified fibre procured by 2025 and the remainder meeting the FSC Controlled Wood standard
  • – Implement leading forestry measures to ensure productive, healthy and resilient forests

Safeguard biodiversity and water resources in our operations and beyond

  • –​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Conduct water stewardship and biodiversity assessments at our mills and forestry operations by 2025, and implement required actions to address the findings by 2030

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