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Advancing the product

It’s the year 1989, and  undoubtedly the most important event taking place this year is the fall of a wall that had for decades divided more than just a country. But something else is happening which will keep influencing our lives, to this day, every day.

Thirty years of firsts

In 1989, Color Copy was born, and this started a thirty-year journey of innovation that still shows no signs of stopping.
It all began with a paper designed specifically to work with a type of printer that back then was still a bit of a novelty: the colour laser printer.
Partnerships with innovative companies, such as one with Xerox, were at the fore of our development from the beginning. This led, for example, to the development of a 90 g/m² version of Color Copy to work with their “Xerox Majestic” machine.
After more refinements to allow for high-speed, the time was ripe to add more variants to the brand:
While Color Copy was the paper of choice for anyone needing uncoated fine paper, there was a desire to have a combination of Color Copy qualities with the look and feel of a coated paper. The result? Color Copy coated silk and Color Copy coated glossy became part of the portfolio.
New possibilities garner new desires: Soon customers and partners had their eyes set on using Color Copy for more types of products. Top of that list: cards and packaging. What cards and packing need, though, is stability, and stability you only get with higher grammages. So Color Copy started to climb that ladder, and by offering 300, 350 and 400 g/m², a whole new world of possibilities was opened up for digital printing.
But technological advancements were merely partly responsible for Color Copy’s ongoing success: keeping in mind the ecological impact of paper production has always been at the forefront of Mondi’s business decisions and so in 2005, Color Copy became the world’s first colour laser paper to be FSC™ certified. Shortly after, in 2009, the entire Color Copy product range received the same certification, and only one year later, in 2010, Color Copy was offered as a CO₂​​​​​​​ neutral paper. The course was clear: Sustainability first!

The following years saw improved package designs, options for customer branding and the addition of new digital sizes and banner formats. 

By then, our customers had grown accustomed to impeccable quality, but also to our unparalleled commitment to service: we introduced a 100% satisfaction guarantee, another first in the industry.    
Finally, in 2018, owing to the ever-growing demands of a shifting marketplace, Color Copy GO OFFICE was introduced, completing the Color Copy range.

Or did it?

Pushing the envelope

Because as you might have gleaned from this tour-de-force through Color Copy’s history, another innovation is always around the corner, and this year, we are happy to introduce yet another member to the Color Copy portfolio.
True to form, this one member will be pushing what’s technologically feasible, allowing for even better results on the avant-garde of printing machinery.

The name? Color Copy jet, and astute readers might already know where this is going: while Color Copy was born as a colour laser printer paper, today it’s the go-to paper for every kind of digital colour printing. One of the most intriguing developments in that area: high-speed inkjet printing, or HSI-printing in short.

Where Color Copy jet shines

Unlike its slower cousin, regular inkjet printing, HSI-printing — due to its speed — requires a kind of paper that allows dye and pigment inks to dry far quicker than regular paper for inkjet printing. Based on that demand, we created Color Copy jet with a special surface pigmentation, allowing for quick drying without compromising in look and feel. But wait, there’s more: in addition to its quick-drying features and impeccable quality, Color Copy jet offers a silk appearance. That’s not only a first for us, it’s a first for the industry as a whole.

Color Copy jet is specifically made to be used in sheet fed HSI machines, like the Canon Océ VarioPrint i200/i300 or the Konica Minolta AccurioPress KM-1. 

What’s the one thing these machines have in common? Exactly, extraordinary speed! And Color Copy jet is the paper that can keep up. 

As mentioned above, despite this special pigmentation, we didn’t compromise when it comes to what you’re used to from the Color Copy portfolio: very high colour gamut and density allow for exact colour reproduction, coming in handy when printing company logos or needing to get brand colours exactly right. Add to that very even solid areas and smooth colour gradients and there’s virtually nothing you can’t trust Color Copy jet with.
It wouldn’t be Color Copy, though, if jet wasn’t staying true to its roots: while designed for HSI-printing, Color Copy jet is also the premium choice for digital toners: you still get the highest colour reproduction and reliability on all toner presses.

No sign of stopping

So here we are: 30 years down the road, and we’ve gone from the original Color Copy of 1989 to a plethora of substances, package improvements, sizes and special coatings.
What do all these innovations have in common? They’re inspired by and executed in partnership with those who rely on our paper every day: you!

In this vein, we’re looking forward to innovating with you for the next thirty years, and beyond.

Get in touch to learn more about Color Copy jet or simply to tell us your own personal Color Copy story.

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