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This colourful book, displaying the work of Russian art photographer, artist and designer Olga Baturina, is an excellent example for when using different types of Pergraphica makes a  lot of sense - and difference.
The design of the project was led by art designer Natalia Stepanova of the COUTURE BOOK Project, who realized that not only would Pergraphica be the best choice, but that they could also use  almost the whole range of what Pergraphica has to offer.
We like to try things out and mix materials and styles. We like to invent a new type of presentation of print media materials.
Natalia Stepanova, Art Director of the COUTURE BOOK Project
From Classic Smooth 100gsm to Infinite Black 350gsm, this project put Pergraphica through its paces and it looks even better for it!



ARTWORKS Portfolio Photo Book by Olga Baturina


Natalia Stepanova





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