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How to graduate with ease

Printing a thesis done right – with ease, speed and premium paper
Graduating is not easy. First there’s years and years of studying and then there’s this final piece of work that has to prove ones worth to the academic establishment: a thesis. Some finish it in no time, others toil over it for years. But in the end, they all need to do one thing: have it printed and bound.

Usually, as it is the end of a gruelling process, this part of the journey is often somewhat neglected. Not least because it takes time and energy to wade through the offers by the copy shops dotting the area around a university.
Fortunately, new services have cropped up that make the whole process far easier. One of these is www.bachelorarbeit-binden.com, an online daughter of marketing company KOMVENTUS. With growing numbers of graduates, this is a market that promises steady growth.

The process is straight-forward: customers upload their files and their theses are printed within 24 hours. Contrary to what we’re used to, speed in this case does not mean a compromise in quality. By using Color Copy, usually 100 g/m², the service makes sure that the end-result reflects the importance of the document. And CEO Michael Bortz is not shy to point out why they rely on Color Copy:
It always delivers what it promises, the touch and feel is premium and reflects the hard work of the students. It is ideal for fine graphs and needle-sharp colour prints.
The company originally launched the service in Germany, but has now expanded to Austria and Switzerland, with plans to deliver into other European countries in the very near future.

And while the company won’t help students graduate – this they will still have to do by themselves – their service level covers every base when it comes to printing a thesis – with ease, speed and Color Copy quality.

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