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The top five reasons to choose Color Copy

Customers are more demanding than ever when it comes to digital printing. Print shops are required to deliver consistent quality in no time, and office printers are expected to produce professional quality colour documents. Paper plays a decisive role in this.

This is why investing in quality paper matters. And there are many reasons for choosing the number one digital colour printing paper, Color Copy. Here are the top five:

1. Original quality

With its ideal whiteness and its particularly smooth surface, Color Copy enables even colour application and the highest colour gamut in digital print. The result: vivid colours with both laser and inkjet printing.

2. Reliable results

Color Copy delivers consistent quality from the first to the last printout. Evenly distributed fibres in the paper are the basis for expertly printed images and dimensional stability, which means trouble-free finishing.

3. Wide product portfolio

Color Copy original is available from 80 to 400 g/m2, from A4 to folio sheets, in reels and extra-long digital formats, in long grain as well as short grain. Add to that the ivory shade of Color Copy style, coated surface options with Color Copy coated silk and coated glossy, and Color Copy jet for high-speed inkjet printing. Color Copy clearly offers a very wide assortment.

4. Sustainability

Color Copy is EU Ecolabel and FSC™ certified, and now Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the Bronze level. In addition, Color Copy original is CO₂ neutral, because Mondi offsets unavoidable carbon emissions.

5. Satisfaction guaranteed

Since 1989, Mondi Neusiedler in Austria has set high quality standards with Color Copy. Mondi guarantees 100% satisfaction, or else will replace your paper.

Top quality, reliable results, a wide portfolio, a sustainable profile and guaranteed satisfaction. These are five good reasons to choose Color Copy. Every time.

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