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Know How

Why paper is the first step to climate-neutral printing

Climate change is real. To stop climate change, we all need to reduce our CO2 emissions. That is why more and more customers are demanding climate-neutral products and services.

But is climate-neutral printing even possible? Printing consumes energy and resources, so there is a carbon footprint to every sheet.

Your first step towards climate-neutral printing is calculating that footprint. For many print shops, energy and paper have the largest impact on their footprint. If you take a book as an example, paper represents 50 to 75% of its total carbon footprint.

Your second step is to reduce carbon emissions. You can make a big difference by using renewable energy and sustainably sourced paper.

The third step is to compensate for the carbon emissions you can’t avoid. The good news is: Mondi has done that for you. Since 2010, we offer Color Copy original CO2-neutral. That means: We offset the papermaking carbon emissions we can’t avoid by investing in a hydropower plant in Brazil. This verified carbon standard project saves around 20.000 tons of CO2 emissions every year.

So if you use Color Copy original, you have already gone a long way towards climate-neutral printing. We at Mondi are happy to support you with your next steps.

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