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Color Copy on the Road #3: Helios Guzzi

Color Copy on the Road takes us on a journey of digital printing through Italy. We are meeting with digital printers, print shops and copy shops, to discover how the versatility of Color Copy allows them to make a difference.

Our third printing house is just a stone's throw away from Milan Central Station, Helios Guzzi, who have been in business for over 60 years. Their core business is digital printing of small and large formats and they use Color Copy due to its reliability, sustainability and optimal quality.

We began using Color Copy in the early 90s because it was the best paper on the market for digital printing, and it still is today. It is always in line with the times — whenever new equipment is introduced, Color Copy already has the right paper for it.

— Sabrina Guzzi, co-owner of Helios Guzzi

As customers look towards more sustainable printing solutions, Helios Guzzi is happy to know that they can have the highest quality with no compromise on sustainability when it comes to Color Copy. Sabrina Guzzi also highlighted that it is a reliable paper choice:

Every ream of paper that we have opened over all these years has been perfect. You know that if you use Color Copy, you'll get exactly what you want.

— Sabrina Guzzi, co-owner of Helios Guzzi

One of their clients, real estate agents Studio Rasini are equally impressed with the results achieved on Color Copy.

Managing high-level properties, it is essential that the promotional materials further emphasise their prestige. Color Copy is a non-glossy paper, allowing the colours to stand out in a way that is lifelike and very similar to what one can find in reality.

— Giorgio Rasini, owner Studio Rasini

Stay tuned for the next and final installment of Color Copy on the Road, next up we're travelling to Turin!

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Color Copy original, 120 g/m²


Helios Guzzi

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