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Kingsley Crew

How a shoe brand uses premium paper to show children how everyone can be a superhero.
Selling shoes is a tough market, and at first glance, you probably wouldn’t expect that the right choice of paper has anything to do with it.

That’s because at first glance you wouldn’t expect a shoe-label to release a full-fledged comic to appeal to their younger clientele. But that’s exactly what Kingsley Crew, maker of family footwear based in Vienna, did.
Protagonists of the comic are a group of children with special powers – and the sneakers to match. But, there’s more: creative mastermind and writer of the project is Lauren Alonzo, founder of Kingsley Crew herself.

The Kingsley Crew superheroes are normal children, who become superheroes because they’re doing good. They find adventure and convey a message of positivity.
Lauren Alonzo, founder Kingsley Crew
In addition to the comic, the little booklet contains an opportunity to let kids colour in a page themselves and little puzzles provide fun challenges.

To achieve the right look and feel, complete with the smooth surface associated with premium comics, Alonzo opted for Color Copy.

We think it makes sense that a maker of sneakers for the whole family has opted for paper that is a great fit for every occasion as well – even a comic about a group of young superheroes.

Learn more about Kingsley Crew and their website here and more about our range of Color Copy here.

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