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Loyalty That Pays Off. Every Time

Choosing the right paper for the job can sometimes also mean that with a bit of luck, you'll be sent on a vacation with your whole family. Here's the story of how copy-shop employee Jürgen Sieß found out how loyalty to your favourite paper can pay off in more ways than one. 

A lucky winner

It was some time in the second half of the year 2018 when Jürgen Sieß, employee in a local copy shop in Tyrolean Landeck, noticed an announcement about a competition on a box of Color Copy. The main prize? A vacation!
Jürgen didn't hesitate and entered the code found on the box online. He didn’t win any of the immediate prizes, but as a man with an innate calmness (and working in a busy copy shop, that's an important trait), he still held out hope for the main prize.
Then, in late December 2018 - by then Jürgen had almost completely forgotten about the competition – he got a call from a number he didn't recognize.  Picking up, he was greeted by the cheerful voice belonging to a Mondi employee. He’d won the main prize.

Now. Jürgen wasn't a stranger to competitions like that. He had entered a number of them before, but up to that point, never won anything. Hearing he'd won the grand prize was just exhilarating.


The copy shop

Jürgen is employed in a copy shop in Tyrol, a part of Austria mostly known for its impressive mountain-ranges. As it is a small copy-shop, his responsibilities are multi-faceted. Purchasing, customer relations, even t-shirt printing are things he does every day.

The work is fun, but challenging. Not least because of the high number of walk-in customers.
But Jürgen, through the years, has developed the kind of calm you tend to see in seasoned veterans of any job that involves a high volume of customers.
One of the reasons why he will weather any storm in the copy-shop is their usage of a paper that will always deliver consistent results: Color Copy. From business cards to brochures, folders or presentations, whether it’s print runs of one or 500 – Color Copy has always been the paper they could rely on. Not least because their customers have become accustomed to the kinds of high-quality haptics Color Copy provides.
To put it in Jürgen's succinct words:
It's simply consistent quality and perfect for laser printing. Great haptics and surfaces, and converting is never a problem."
As a long-time customer of Color Copy, Jürgen knows that the right paper is key to keeping your customers happy. Loyalty pays off, not only when it comes to winning vacations for yourself and your family.

So here’s to Jürgen and his family enjoying their well-deserved holiday! And who knows, they might just decide to have some of their vacation photos printed out on Color Copy Coated Glossy

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