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Notebooks of Note

Not just for printing – why Pergraphica feels good in every notebook as well
It’s undeniable that the analog world of notebooks has seen a comeback in recent years. Bullet journals, sketchnotes and other creative ways to use these compact little books have given not only the big and well-known producers a boost. Numerous little producers have cropped up and lead the way in creating innovative new products.
Have a look at the Moduletto notebooks. Created in Vienna, they are flexible notebooks for personal and business use, and as the name implies, they follow a modular approach. Minimalistic from a design perspective, it allows for the greatest flexibility in creating the perfect combination for individual needs. 

But simplicity does not mean compromising when it comes to quality, as Michele Falchetti, founder of Moduletto points out.
The inlay paper does not only have to be good for printing and writing. There is so much more like the paper color that has to fit perfectly, the weight, the opacity and how the flipping of a page feels. For us Pergraphica Natural is the perfect choice.
Hungarian notebook maker Dot for You discovered Pergraphica for their notebooks just recently. Founded in 2015 by artist Erika Baglyas, the company comprises a team of marketing and design experts that create not just functional but beautiful notebooks.
Their FIRKA notebook, depicting monochrome versions of city-maps, is a stellar example of the attention to detail that goes into creating their products. No surprise then that they’ve chosen the paper for perfectionists as their notebook’s core.
And then there’s Rubidium, a small design team based in Hungary, that originally hails from the world of interior design. But their love for paper and carefully produced stationery has pulled them into the world of premium notebooks.
These specific notebooks are the results of a cooperation with Lili Veszprémi, a Hungarian textile designer and illustrator. Its cover, emblazoned with the organic shapes of nature, is part of a haptic experience that continues inside, where Pergraphica’s texture makes every stroke of the pen a satisfying experience in itself.
When we posted pictures of the Rubidium notebooks on Instagram, we mentioned how some notebooks may seem like they’re too beautiful to be used. But in the end, and that holds true for all of these notebooks, why compromise when it comes to putting your most creative thoughts and drawings to paper? Give them the notebooks they deserve.

Here at Mondi, we’re very proud that the above creators are using Pergraphica for their notebooks. With 35 shades and various textures, it boasts not only a convincing portfolio, but also shows that it can be used for so much more than printing. Just like printers, who value Pergraphica for its ink absorption without fuzzing out, these creators know that pen and Pergraphica go really well together. Add the fact that even Pergraphica’s rough texture allows for smooth gliding of pens while still providing enough resistance, and it’s the ideal paper for everyone who values their creativity.

Project specs


PERGRAPHICA® Natural Rough, 150 g/m²



Moduletto, Rubidium, Dot for You


2018 - 2020

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