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No polar bears without ice

How a children's book explains climate change — not just to little ones

What's the difference between weather and climate? What is CO₂ and that footprint everyone keeps talking about? And that greenhouse effect, why is it bad?
Children ask these and other questions, and if you're not well-versed in climatology, which very few of us are, then we need help to answer them.
A book like "No Polar Bears without Ice" (a not nearly as elegant translation of the original title "Ohne Eis kein Eisbär"), comes in rather handy then.
Written and illustrated by Kristina Heldmann, a German visual communicator, the book tackles these questions and many more. In addition, it's beautifully illustrated, providing visual support to answers that otherwise might be hard to grasp.

The book is published by German publishing house Jacoby & Stuart, who, in the spirit of the book, opted for NAUTILUS® SuperWhite, one of Mondi's recycled paper brand.
Kati Klaeske, Jacoby & Stuart
The book tackles the issue of climate change and the responsible use of our resources. Using NAUTILUS® recycled paper was a logical conclusion for us. And while Kristina Heldmann was afraid that the paper would seem "grey", she is now very excited about the paper quality and the print result.
With other measures like foregoing plastic wrappers and investing in environmental projects to offset CO₂ during production, the publishing house is doing its part to fight against the dire consequences of unchecked climate change.

Like Jacoby & Stuart, we too offer NAUTILUS® as CO₂ neutral. Because, as Detlev Ganten, president of the World Health Summit and supporter of the project writes in the foreword: "We have to take care of the earth just like we take care of ourselves there is no other and better earth out there."


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NAUTILUS® SuperWhite CO₂ compensated, 160 g/m²



Kristina Heldmann


Jacoby & Stuart


Jacoby & Stuart



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