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A year in review that doubles as an outlook into what's to come. In a time when dystopian future scenarios are all the rage, the 2019 edition of TWELVE magazine combines the visions of artists, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and journalists to paint a picture that's anything else but bleak. 
A sweeping tour-de-force, it takes the reader across topics such as digitalization, the ever present Blockchain or personal messengers like WeChat that have grown all-powerful, covering new grounds both artistically and philosophically.
But the magazine's outlook is not just readable, the artists' visions not merely visible: printed on Pergraphica, it's highly touchable as well.  With an elegant cover printed on 300 gsm and the core printed on 100 gsm Classic Rough, it's the kind of magazine you want to hold on to. At least for the next twelve months.


TWELVE - Das Magazin für Marken, Medien und Kommunikation




Serviceplan Gruppe für innovative Kommunikation


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