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Ideal Whiteness, Pt. 3 - Getting white just right

This is the third and final part in our little series on ideal whiteness. Have a look at part one and two here, in case you haven't yet.

There are different ways to ‘increase’ the perceived whiteness of your paper. And if the whiteness of paper isn’t at its optimum or hasn’t been increased in the right way, it can cause problems. Whiteness, along with the paper brightness and shade can have a big impact on your final print product.

  • Too yellow a paper can make colours lose their vividness.
  • Too white and blue tones will dominate your images, making skin tones pale and cold.
  • In case of applications with text, a higher CIE whiteness achieved through OBA (‘optical brightening agent’ used to make paper appear brighter) can even increase both the heart rate and tiredness of the eye when reading.

At Mondi, we've worked hard to get our white right

Our dedicated experts have researched and innovated to create Color Copy’s Ideal Whiteness; paper that helps make even the best stand out. It has been developed to have an optimal whiteness of 161 CIE. Color Copy has also achieved the highest maximum colour gamut, as concluded by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) in their Custom Test Report. The highest colour gamut concerns balanced and optimised paper properties.
Color Copy’s special surface treatment and smoothness ensures accurate colour reproduction in the highest spectrum. It also means that Color Copy paper always produces life-like accuracy in natural skin tones and full colour reproduction, even for challenging colours. Color Copy has a very specific shade and reflects the total colour spectrum equally, which means that colour imagery is reproduced to the highest quality and accuracy, every time. It also means the printing of more colours, so that you can reflect your company’s corporate colour in the most accurate and impactful way. Paper that is trusted to deliver the best colour printing, every time.

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