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Sustainable by design

Contribute to a better world.

It is our ambition to partner with our customers on the path to a circular economy by finding the best paper and packaging for each application.


Whitepaper: The value of Sustainability

We asked printers, sellers and brand owners all over Europe: How can we achieve our sustainability goals?

CO2-Reduction and offsetting

We at Mondi are constantly working on reducing our CO2 footprint when producing paper. In the year 2019, we managed to reduce CO2-emissions by 15.5%. In order to offset the amounts we cannot reduce via other measures, we cooperate with ClimatePartner in the funding and maintenance of a hydropower plant in the South of Brasil. This allows us to sell a number of our brands carbon neutrally.

Green Range

Green Range is Mondi’s umbrella trademark for sustainable paper solutions. All Mondi uncoated fine paper mill brands are part of the Green Range. They are produced from FSC™ or PEFC™ certified wood from sustainably managed forests or 100% recycled paper, or are produced totally chlorine free (TCF). This is how consumers can contribute to a better environment.

The Mondi Cycle of Sustainability

The possibility to create high-quality paper from a waste product is a great thing. It means making the most of the resources we have. However, paper cannot be recycled indefinitely. After around four to six lifecycles, the fibre is not suitable for recycling anymore. Even with the most thorough post-consumer collection of recovered paper, we would run out of usable paper to recycle. This is why we produce many of our paper brands with so-called fresh fibre taken from sustainably grown forests. This fibre is then turned into regular professional printing or office paper.
Unlike traditional producers of recycled paper, we are in the fortunate position to be able to cover every aspect of the cycle of sustainability. Our mills all over Europe all use pulp from sustainably managed forests exclusively, which either are from Mondi-managed forests or bought from the world market. Read more about our approach to the cycle of sustainability here.


Good to know!
  • Post-consumer waste – as opposed to pre-consumer waste, Post-consumer waste is paper that has been used by a consumer and has then been collected in a recycling effort.
  • CO2-offsetting – even with the most rigorous measures, some CO2-emissions are inevitable in every production process. To still be able to sell a product carbon-neutrally, companies invest in environmental projects, which will help reduce CO2-emissions on a global scale, thereby offsetting the amount of CO2 that is still emitted during a production process.