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Evénement NEUJET

Interview with Johnson & Quin

Cet événement est passé

Johnson & Quin and High-Speed Inkjet Print

We talked to Bob Arkema of direct mailer Johnson & Quinn about high-speed inkjet printing
Johnson & Quin is not a young company. Founded in 1876, it has always been a trailblazer. So it's not a surprise that they went into the direct mailing market more than forty years ago!

And while they were among the first to get into laser printing, that didn't keep them from employing high-speed inkjet, starting in 2014. They soon realised that the quality and the pricing not just met, but often exceeded their expectations. With a Screen Truejet 502 ZZ and three more colour high-speed inkjet presses, they have since stopped using monochrome digital laser presses, instead using only 4 colour high-speed inkjet machines.

Why mondi?

When it comes to their choice of paper, Mondi is in a great position to deliver exactly what they need.
From mid-quality prints with DNS® high-speed inkjet CF to high-quality needs with NEUJET® matte, their requirements are perfectly met. 

And with prints on commodity offset to cover lower quality requirements, they're perfectly set up to win over customers by simply test printing all three qualities and giving their customers the freedom to choose!

Watch the whole video to learn more about the relationship between Mondi and Johnson & Quin, not least to hear what they say about the availability of their papers of choice.