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Take the Tour! Exkursion to Mondi and printer gugler* | myMondi Growth Site

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Visita in cartiera PERGRAPHICA

Take the Tour! Excursion to Mondi and printer gugler*

22/09/2020 7.45 -
22/09/2020 18.00
Mondi Neusiedler
Theresienthalstraße 50
3363 Hausmening
Come and visit the Mondi Neusiedler mill and then pay the printer *gugler in Melk a visit. See up close how the Mondi papers PERGRAPHICA®, COLOR COPY or NAUTILUS® are produced! You will get to witness the complete process from pulp to the paper machine up to the printing process of the papers. You will be able to gain the kind of secret knowledge only the real paper experts of Mondi and *gugler will be able to provide.

We're looking forward to an exciting day, expecting you to ask many questions about paper, print, innovation, sustainability, recycling, finishes and much more.

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