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BRUSFEST: affascinanti opuscoli su carta riciclata NAUTILUS® | myMondi Growth Site

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NAUTILUS® SuperWhite, 200 g/m²

BRUSFEST: affascinanti opuscoli su carta riciclata NAUTILUS®

Il teatro documentario è una delle forme d’arte più complesse e sorprendenti, ed è quindi del tutto naturale promuoverlo con un opuscolo creativo.


Last year, Moscow hosted the Brusfest International Festival 2020, named after actor and director Dmitriy Brusnikin. The festival presented plays and performances based on real monologues of people in the genre of verbatim, combining interest to the word, the body, the person, in its individual, social and political expressions.

BUREAU MAYAK and partners, experts in sophisticated printing technologies and new materials, prepared the creative brochures for the festival. Using recycled NAUTILUS® paper as their canvas, the brochures are interesting not only in terms of design, but also in terms of printing execution.


At first glance, it may look like an ordinary brochure with punched holes to fit in a folder, but the execution of this idea is not as easy as it appears. To ensure that the finished product not only looks good, but also has excellent image reproduction and is hard-wearing, BUREAU MAYAK spent a lot of time on sampling and testing.

Drilling a hole in a block of paper requires tests and a conscious choice of materials, because different types of paper behave unpredictably, and are prone to tearing and not retaining the quality of printing.

We made a prototype to see exactly how a black-printed plate on NAUTILUS® SuperWhite 200 g/m2 paper would tolerate drilling, whether it would tear, whether it would crack... and NAUTILUS® withstood it all! This pleased us greatly, we like working with NAUTILUS® recycled paper, it’s awesome!

— Anastasiya Petrichenko, Creative Manager of BUREAU MAYAK


The pictures inside the brochure are printed in one ink. The NAUTILUS® paper allows for perfect image reproduction without strong contrasts, while preserving shadows and halftones.

The black plate of the cover is achieved by full-colour printing, where the total ink density is very high. With full-colour printing, BUREAU MAYAK wanted to do just that, and NAUTILUS® paper implemented the idea flawlessly.


The NAUTILUS® brand not only offers a wide range of recycled paper in a variety of densities and formats, but also provides the highest quality in every sheet.

​​​​​​​As a result, both the customer and the manufacturer were very satisfied!

Dati del progetto


NAUTILUS® SuperWhite, 200 g/m²



BUREAU MAYAK \(Anastasiya Petrichenko and Sancho Bykov\)


Green Print

Macchina per la stampa:

Xerox Versant 180 Press



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