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NEUJET® silk book white | myMondi Growth Site

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NEUJET® silk book white

Silky paper targeting book production and publishing segment

Whether you use pigment or dye inks Mondi ofers an ideal solution for achieving best quality on your high-speed inkjet press: NEUJET® marks the step into graphic arts printing with deep colours at highest printing speeds reaching offset capabilities. Besides FSC® and EU Ecolabel certification Mondi high-speed inkjet grades are also approved by main OEMs. If you target the full colour book market, sell direct mail items or have other full colour printing applications then NEUJET® offers a wide range of formats, substances, very smooth and silky surfaces and two whiteness levels tailored for this purpose.

  • Highly calendared surface treated for dye and pigment inks
  • Results in high colour gamut, fixation of the ink on surface as well as saving of ink
  • Fast drying, ideal for highly productive printing presses
  • Tested on and / or approved by: Canon Océ - all other in progress
  • Smooth, silky surface
  • Ideal whiteness to make this paper eye-friendly
  • Available in reels, guaranteed join-free reels
  • Available in SRA3

Типичное применение

  • Books
  • Manuals
  • Brochures

Преимущества продукта

  • Renders vibrant colours with pigment or dye inks
  • Colour gamut levels surpassing other treated papers
  • Even solid areas
  • Rub-resistant printouts
  • Thin paper will allow slim book backs and also result in less reel changes in production
  • Its eye friendly shade helps readers stay focused for hours
  • In total: the right paper choice for book printers and publishers


  • Шелковистая поверхность
  • Оптимизировано для image heavy content
Маркетинговые материалы
Фирменный стиль
Премиальные канцтовары
Материалы для оформления торговой точки
Журналы и брошюры
Цифровая лазерная
Высокоскоростная струйная
Листовая струйная
HP Indigo
Внутренняя деловая коммуникация
Внешняя деловая коммуникация
Полноцветные джеловые распечатки
Офисная многофункциональная
Настольный струйный


ECF Confirmation
Сертификат EU Ecolabel
ISO 14001:2004 Системы экологического менеджмента
REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) — регламент Европейского союза, регулирует производство и оборот химических веществ
ISO 9001:2008 системы менеджмента качества
Европейский стандарт. Безопасность игрушек. Часть 3. Миграция определенных элементов
Без тяжелых металлов

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