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High-Speed Inkjet water-based

High performance in full colour printing
The increasing demand for targeted marketing in form of TransPromo (targeted advertising on invoices), higher productivity when printing books or making direct mailings with the use of variable data have driven printers to invest in high-speed inkjet presses.
The high performance of these machines (200 m / min and more) in full colour printing takes digital printing to a new level of output. The high printing speeds and the different types of water-based inks, either pigment or dye, make paper a critical success in overall print quality, water-absorption and runnability. Only specially optimised papers can unleash the full potential of the high-speed inkjet equipment.
Pigment Ink

The larger pigments (30 - 120 nm) which swim in a carrier liquid come with a long list of benefits such as fast drying, strong colour reproduction, reduced bleeding and high light fastness which make them ideal for fast high performance machines. High-speed inkjet papers need to be specifically adapted to this type of ink anchoring the inks on top of the paper surface.
Dye ink

Dye inks consisting of millions of ink molecules of 2 nm size they are ideally suited for accurate colour mixing. They are optimal for smooth colour transitions and accurate logo production. At the same time they are popular for their high productivity at printers. High-speed inkjet papers need to be specifically adapted to this type of ink fixing on top of the paper surface.

High Speed Inkjet Paper

Find out more about Mondi's premium paper brand for high speed inkjet applications, NEUJET® 

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