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Color Copy on the Road – Graphus

The first edition of Color Copy on the Road focuses on our new extra-long digital format (ELDF) and the experience of creative printing house Graphus, based in Lecco, just off Lake Como in northern Italy.

We've used Color Copy since we first started our business back in 2010 and thanks to the extra-long digital format, we are now able to use our printers to their full potential to create folders, brochures, covers... the possibilities are endless!

​​​​​​​– Celeste Giussani, co-founder Graphus

Luca Peverelli, cartoonist and illustrator, chose Color Copy for his book because of its uncoated properties.

It is pleasing to the eye, nice to the touch and reproduces images and colours perfectly — much better than a coated paper — and, as an added benefit, Color Copy is also environmentally friendly!

​​​​​​​– Luca Peverelli, cartoonist and illustrator

Stay tuned for the next three installments of Color Copy on the Road, next up we're travelling to Trecate!