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Making the best even better – How we made Color Copy fit for inkjet printing | myMondi Growth Site

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Making the best even better – How we made Color Copy fit for inkjet printing

Давайте отправимся в прошлое и посмотрим, как производители печатного оборудования, дистрибьюторы бумаги и клиенты встретили появление на рынке Color Copy, и попытаемся разобраться, почему многие из них до сих пор предпочитают именно эту бумагу.
We anticipate growth in inkjet for the home, driven by an increased number of people working and schooling from home. HP expects up to 40% of people could work from home at least occasionally.
John Ferraro, General Manager HP Media Business

From Inkjet to Laser and back to Inkjet

From a technological standpoint, these two ways of printing are vastly different: while laser print uses a dry toner and light to put colour on a page, inkjet uses ink-cartridges, and the ink is transferred to the paper directly. This obviously means that a paper that is suitable for both of these technologies needs to do some heavy lifting, to be suitable for both dry and wet printing, withstanding considerable heat and be able to absorb a lot of liquid. Not an easy feat and something that demands years, if not decades of refinement to get right.
We talked about this with Gerhard Drexler of the Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper R&D team, who was instrumental in the development of Color Copy and who knows a thing or two about the challenges of producing a paper that’s suitable both for toner-based and liquid ink based printing. In his estimation, Color Copy original is suitable for both toner-based and ink-based prints, but there is one new aspect to the paper, which will ensure colour brilliance that goes beyond what was possible. The technology in question is called ColorLok®.

Developed as a certification by HP to denote every paper that lives up to a very exacting standard, it now comes with every sheet of Color Copy original.
So how does it work exactly? In essence, when producing Color Copy original, an additional layer is applied to the paper, which ensures that the ink will not be absorbed too deeply into the paper, keeping the pigments closer to the surface and therefore creating a vibrant and brilliant effect whenever colourants are used. This in turn also allows for faster drying, which reduces the chance of smearing.
Было очень важно идеально воспроизвести качество цветного изображения, передать его оттенки и яркость.
Gerhard Drexler, R&D Mondi UFP
Color Copy with ColorLok technology is now available for ColorLok original in A3 and A4 cut sizes, for grammages between 80 and 280 gsm. 
As an added bonus, Gerhard Drexler quite candidly mentions that even though Color Copy jet was developed for high-speed inkjet, it also works perfectly on toner-based systems:
In a discussion the idea came up to test Color Copy jet in a common colour-copier, and after putting a few sheets into the next best copier we could find, I was amazed at how perfectly Color Copy jet worked here as well.
Gerhard Drexler, R&D Mondi UFP

Color Copy for every walk of life

As we’ve seen, despite the challenges of different technologies demanding different qualities in a paper, Color Copy upholds its standard of producing the best results, every time. With the addition of the ColorLok® Technology, it is suitable for home- and office printing, and to make sure that even in professional print Color Copy produces the kinds of vibrant colours our customers are used to, we have developed Color Copy jet. It has the highest colour gamut for office and professional colour laser and inkjet printing and with its special satin finish, it has quickly become a favourite for high-end applications.

This ensures that whatever your or your customers’ needs may be, Color Copy will shine, as vibrant as the colours you’ll print on it.


There are two types of inks for inkjet printing – pigment- and dye-ink. Due to their different qualities, only pigment-ink works with ColorLok. Why? Because with dye-ink, are already fully dissolved in a liquid, whereas with pigment-ink, the colourants are still in a powdery state, suspended in a liquid carrier. That way the pigments are applied separately from liquid part of the ink, allowing the ColorLok technology to work its magic.
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To learn everything about Color Copy and inkjet printing and how Mondi UFP worked on reaching ColorLok certification, listen to this interview with Gerhard Drexler of the R&D division of Mondi UFP, published as an episode of our "Print & Paper"-podcast (in German):

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