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Cucu Chocolate

Have you ever heard of turmeric? If you haven't, it's a Chinese root, which has been collecting praise in recent years for being just all around great for you and is therefore often called a superfood.
The downside? It doesn't exactly taste like chocolate. So Ricardo and Lucy of Madrid-based Jolu food set out to change that and created Cucu Chocolate (a play on curcuma, as turmeric is called in Spanish), giving you the health-benefit of curcuma with the additional happiness-benefit of eating chocolate.
In order to give their artisanal chocolate the suitable look, they took inspiration from tiling patterns found in historic Barcelona buildings. And finally, to make the whole thing feel like the premium product it is, they printed those patterns on Pergraphica Classic Rough. We think that's a match made in chocolate-heaven.

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RU Paper

PERGRAPHICA® Classic Rough, 240 g/m²


Cucu Chocolate




Jolu Foods



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