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When possibilities become endless – or at least extra-long | myMondi Growth Site

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Know How

When possibilities become endless – or at least extra-long

How advances in digital printing presses and our new extra-long paper format open up a new world of digital print possibilities.

Но это еще не конец истории. В то время как цифровая лазерная печать стала огромным сегментом на рынке, другая технология не отставала и по сей день находится на подъеме, не собираясь останавливаться.  Это – струйная технология.

Из разговора с Джоном Ферраро из компании HP, одной из крупнейших компаний-разработчиков струйных принтеров, становится ясно, что струйные технологии – это постоянно растущий рынок, особенно когда речь идет о домашней или офисной печати.

Granted, six A4 pages next to each other might not sound like a big deal, but imagine this:


A towering skyline, viewed from below, can now easily fit onto a single sheet of paper. Especially for customers like architects, who want to present their designs, this will be a quick and easy way to do so, in exactly the quality they need.


Or how about a 3-fold, 2-sided leaflet. No more complicated set up with offset printing presses for a small number of fold-out leaflets. With our ELDF you will be able to print everything on one sheet, fold it up a few times and your leaflet is ready to go out the door. Personalised, of course.

While we encourage you to think big, our ELDF holds another advantage: maximise the productivity of your print-runs even with everyday print-jobs like business cards, direct mailers or even smaller folding boxes. You’ll be able to do the same, for less.

So, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to possible print-projects, but also when it comes to grammages. With three different lengths at 660, 889 and 1200mm, we offer our Color Copy original ELDF in weights ranging from 120 to 300 gsm, precision-cut directly at our mill. That will make sure that whatever print-project you have in mind, we have the right weight for you.

And if you were wondering: yes, our ELDF is also ColorLok® certified, and therefore certified for inkjet printers in addition to laser printing. So no matter what size your print, the colours will be just as brilliant as you’ve come to expect from using Color Copy. Every time.

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