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Color Copy Satisfaction Guarantee


100% satisfaction guarantee – promotional returns policy

Color Copy is the leading digital printing paper in Europe and is produced according to high quality standards. You can be assured that it runs excellently on all digital printing devices and copiers and achieves great printing results.

Mondi Paper Sales GmbH, Marxergasse 4A, 1030 Vienna, Austria, is pleased to introduce a promotional “goodwill” exchange policy on identified products (i.e. where there is no legal right to a refund or exchange under the Distance Selling Regulations or otherwise).

Therefore, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product, you can request an exchange of the paper, provided that:

  • You have a receipt as proof of purchase;
  • You can identify the batch code on the back of the ream. The code can be found printed on the back of the ream, roughly in the middle of the package and starts with AAAxxxxxx.
  • You notify us in writing that you are claiming an exchange. This notification can be sent by post or by email to the following address:

Mondi Neusiedler
Attn.: Technical Customer Service
Ref: Color Copy Satisfaction Guarantee
Theresienthalstraße 50
3363 Ulmerfeld-Hausmening


  • You provide us with samples of the claimed paper (minimum 5 sheets);
  • You add a brief statement of why you are dissatisfied (min 10 words);
  • Only up to a maximum of one box of used product can be refunded. If more than one box of paper was purchased, the remaining paper must be unused and returned in the original packaging within 90 days of your original purchase.

However, please note that this policy does not confer any rights other than those expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for indirect or consequential loss or damage.

This "goodwill" policy is offered as an extra benefit. This does not affect your statutory rights if you are a consumer. After receiving the returned goods, your supplier will replace the paper. The maximum reimbursement quantity under this policy is one box of Color Copy (A4/A3) or 5 reams (SRA3) per household or company.

Paper handling tips: Treat Color Copy well and reap the benefits.

Paper is a high-quality and extremely sensitive product that is manufactured according to exact specifications. In our own laboratories, we constantly work to develop and improve Color Copy. Our high standards ensure that the paper leaves our factory in a condition that promises perfectly smooth printing and copying as long as the product is handled properly.

To help you get the best printing results there are one or two tips and tricks you can use.

Storage recommendation

Paper is natural product and it reacts to its environment. Our ream wrapping protects the paper by creating a barrier so that it’s protected by influences of the environment. Therefore, please don’t unwrap the paper before usage. We recommend the following:

  • Store the paper in the original wrapping in a dark dry room/place.
  • Check if the wrapping is damaged.
  • Before unpacking the paper, allow it time to acclimatize to the temperature of the printing room. Especially if the paper has been stored at cool temperatures, it should be allowed to acclimatise between 12 and 24 hours before it is used for printing. In addition, the packaging should not be opened until immediately before printing.

Handling tips

  • After unwrapping the ream, put the whole paper into the printer tray.
  • If you don’t use whole ream, only take out the needed paper and put all of it into the printing tray (leave the remaining paper inside the ream and return to the dark dry room/place).


  • manipulation with wet/greasy/dirty hands
  • damaging the edges of the reams before putting the paper inside the printer
  • leaving the paper in direct sunlight
  • using wet/greasy/dirty paper for printing
  • using folded paper for printing
  • using different paper formats/grammages as is set on the printer for the requested print job