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Magical laser colour transformation

Creativity is all about experimenting, playing and discovering, and this is precisely where the magic happens.

We’ve seen many good — even great — magazine covers in our time, so it takes something truly exceptional to make us paper lovers go WOW. The cover for the Graphische Revue magazine issue 03-22 manages to do exactly that. With Pergraphica Mysterious Blue 250 g/m² as the canvas, we knew the cover was bound to be a triumph, but the colour transformation thanks to the laser engraving provides a wow-effect that makes it a knockout.


This effect is unique to our Pergraphica Colours and we won’t tell you how it works — we can’t just go around divulging brand secrets like that — but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t crazy about it.

The magic

If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, a video is surely worth twice as many. So without further ado, enjoy this making of video and watch the magic happen before your very eyes.

The team behind the magic: design and production

The team at Kanovits Print Atelier executed the design by open 121 seamlessly. Naturally, the showstopper is the laser engraving colour transformation, but the printing of white ink on dark paper is also deftly executed. White ink is challenging to print and can sometimes look transparent, so screen printing is usually the preferred method for colour opacity, but in this case, the white elements were digitally printed on a Xerox Iridesse Production Press with excellent results.

Finally, the laser engraving and cutting was carried out on a high-speed Galvo laser, which creates a breathtaking effect, by turning the paper from a dark blue to a vibrant turquoise shade.

Graphische Revue, how happy are you with the end result? What do you think about the laser colour transformation?

I knew of the colour transformation effect that occurs when laser engraving on Pergraphica from previous Mondi samples. But seeing the impact of the colour change over such a large area… the result exceeded all our expectations! And the feedback from our readers has also been extremely positive.
— Knud Wassermann, Editor-in-Chief Graphische Revue


All Pergraphica Colours change colour when laser engraved, but our Pergraphica Dark and Deep Colours have the most dramatic, enthralling changes of all. When the heat of the laser comes into contact with the paper, a reaction occurs that changes the shade of the fibres. A transformation that is both unique and enchanting.

Project specs


PERGRAPHICA® Dark & Deep Colours


Print finishing & folding


Graphische Revue

Print Production

Kanovits Print Atelier

Printing machine:

Xerox Iridesse Production Press

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