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Eye-catching packaging

Fun. Vibrant. Bold. Italian makeup brand, PUPA Milano, hit the mark with their show-stopping makeup packaging designed on Pergraphica.

Makeup is about self-expression, experimenting, and having fun with a palette of colours. When you have a product whose purpose is to spark joy, it is essential that the overall experience behind it is exciting and captivating from the very first touchpoint — the packaging — to the last one — the product. Let’s get into the details, because this packaging from PUPA Milano is nothing short of a spectacle.


More is more

There are a lot of moving parts and we are here for all of it. Encased in a custom sleeve printed on Pergraphica High White Smooth 240 g/m², the motif of big, tropical leaves is printed in four colours with a glossy clear coating for that extra shine, as well as to protect the packaging from natural elements.

A gold border frames the tropical leaves and ties all the separate elements together. The gold frame isn’t your typical hot foiling, but rather a new digital transfer technology from Luxoro, the Italian representative for KURZ Stiftung & Co. Their “DM Smartliner” is capable of embellishing both small and large-scale projects with sheet-fed digital printing machines.

The sleeve has been die-cut to create cut-outs, allowing elements from the main box within to peek out — the glittering eyes staring from behind the dense foliage gives the beholder the feeling of being watched in a jungle at nighttime.


All that glitters is gold

By sliding off the outer sleeve, the dazzling gold eyes are exposed on a backdrop of pale pink, which contrasts beautifully with the dark green of the leaves. The irises were foiled in KURZ silver and offset-printed in four colours, lending an eye-catching quality to the overall design.

The main box is crafted out of Pergraphica High White Smooth 300 g/m², resulting in a sturdy, premium vessel that looks and feels very expensive. The distinctly different haptics of the glossy sleeve and the velvety smooth feeling of our uncoated Pergraphica paper in its pure form invites you to run your fingertips over the box, before opening it to reveal the next surprise that lies within.

The flip top opens from both sides, like a curtain revealing the stage for a show.


Neon, holographic, sparkle!

Inside our stage, a bold neon pink exclamation mark — ! — confirms what we already knew, that this packaging is here to make a statement. The canvas for this exclamation mark are two folding boxes made of Pergraphica High White Smooth 240 g/m², printed with the same tropical design as the sleeve. To emphasize the message “LET’S MAKE UP”, the lettering is embossed, micro-engraved and hot-foiled in KURZ Alufin Gold 220, to make it pop that extra bit more.


Removing the folding boxes uncovers a neon yellow backdrop with a metallic green message. On paper, it sounds like this should be too much, but in practice, it somehow just works.

Finally, to round off this tropical, gold, neon party, there is one more surprise lurking beneath all that foliage. A starry sky printed on Pergraphica Mysterious Blue 330 g/m² with constellations of DM Smartliner KURZ in Holographic silver. Not only does this digital application showcase the advances of digital printing in regards to special finishes, it simply looks out of this world.

Project specs


PERGRAPHICA® High White Smooth, 300 g/m² PERGRAPHICA® High White Smooth, 240 g/m² PERGRAPHICA® Dark & Deep Colours


Print finishing & folding


PUPA Milano

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