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Lyte Summer_FT_Image-480x266.jpg

Creatives inspiring creatives

A blank canvas allows for boundless creativity. This isn’t exactly a novel concept, but in our increasingly digital day and age, it can be beneficial to go back to the roots of putting pen to paper and tapping into our creativity in a more analogue way.

A competition at the end of last year with students at Leeds Arts University allowed these young artists to do just that and the results were just as inspiring for us, as we hope it was for them.  

The competition was open to all studying 3D design, fashion textiles, graphic communication, and fine arts. We received a whopping 70 submissions in total, and we were truly floored by the calibre of the entries. 

Of course, we couldn’t help but inspire the next generation of paper lovers out there, so all students were able to participate in a workshop where they learned about the optics and haptics of design paper, and why paper choice matters. 

The brief was simple to allow the students maximum creative freedom on a blank canvas of one of our Pergraphica Whites. Three categories were defined to which they could submit their entries, but everything else was left to their interpretation: 

  • Creatives inspiring creatives 
  • Paper for perfectionists 
  • A sustainable creative design paper 

We are happy to present the winners and finalists from each category and their wonderful projects. 

First place

The Paper That Blossomed by Summer Lyte

Fashion Textiles, Leeds Arts University

The Paper That Blossomed is a piece inspired by flowers and leaves. I purposefully chose the name, The Paper That Blossomed to link it to the original source of the paper — the tree.

Due to the sustainable nature of the paper, I too decided to look at sustainable aspects in our environment, to continue the theme throughout my work.

Lyte Summer_FT_Image-730x405.jpg

Choosing to explore the theme A sustainable creative design paper was exciting for me, because I wanted to stick with the principles of Mondi Group, which is to design sustainably and create something you are proud of.

I used Pergraphica High White Smooth 100 g/m² deliberately, due to how lightweight and manageable it is. The paper allowed me to mirror the delicacy of flowers and leaves, whilst adding cut-out details, to add striking attributes and complexity to the design.

Second Place

A Tranquil Evening by James Joyce

3D Design, Leeds Arts University  

The piece I made, A Tranquil Evening, shows a man relaxing in a chair outside of his house with a book in his lap. It is evening and everything is peaceful and soothing. The meaning behind this work is inspired by the simplicity of the Pergraphica paper usage, which I wanted to show by telling a short story made entirely from the paper.

The theme I chose for this piece is Creatives inspiring creatives. I chose this theme because I wanted to make a paper model from my own creativity that promotes the paper brand as well as highlighting a positive attribute to it.

Another creative aspect of this piece is that the trees, grass, brick texture, fence, deck chair and figure were all created from the leftover pieces of paper from the house model. This also brings in the theme A sustainable creative design paper because the leftover pieces are recycled for a better purpose. The Pergraphica paper I used was a single A2 sheet that weighs 240gsm and I chose this because the paper is really sturdy and solid.


Free Flow Artist’s Dream by Beth Worrall

Graphic Communication at Leeds Art University

I am an artist specialising in abstract and surrealist paintings/pieces based around people and their distinct features, emotions, and the way my mind views the world. The theme I resonated with the most was Creatives inspiring creatives because I strive to make my work intriguing, exciting and visually interesting, which I believe are key elements in inspiring others to get creative.
Worrall Beth_GC_image-730x405.jpg

I made an A1 hanging installation from one single sheet of Pergraphica High White Smooth 240 g/m² (any thinner would not have held up each sheet sturdily, as well as tearing easily when attempting to cut intricate pieces), which I suspended with clear fishing wire and four connected tripods.

My choice of using only one sheet was inspired by Pergraphica’s sustainable morals of being CO₂ neutral and their eco-friendly management of forests; I decided to waste as little paper as possible and limit myself to only one chance at creating something inspirational, causing me to quickly reflect on any mistakes and find innovative ways to improve.

The design is a cut-out of a person holding a paintbrush and the wavy paper cut-outs flowing outwards and forward represent them ‘opening their imagination’, or the symbolism that you can expand your imagination endlessly and that as an artist you can push for new ideas. The tunnel/layered effect adds depth and creates interesting shadows, bringing the piece to life, inspired by the German artist Angela Glajcar’s Terforation, a large-scale layered installation of torn paper.


The Perfectionist’s Puzzle by Ben Blanchard

Graphic Communication, Leeds Arts University

My practice focuses on animation, specifically 2D digital animation. I also like to include sound design and music in my animations.

Out of the three themes, I chose Paper for perfectionists. For this project, I made an animation of a person faced with the puzzle of rearranging letters.

The person is not satisfied with the results until they spell out ‘Pergraphica’, which the person is satisfied with, as this is perfection to the person. I used Pergraphica High White Smooth 120 g/m² to create the paper models/objects that were used in the animation, as it was thin enough to pierce with the split-pins, but thick enough not to rip when I was piercing it.  ​​​​​​​


Sustainable Growth by Joshua Booth

Graphic Communication, Leeds Arts University 

My practice mainly focuses on motion design, both digitally and physically through key framed and stop-motion animation. I chose the theme of A sustainable creative design paper due to the ongoing global concerns of climate change, as I thought the sustainable nature of the Pergraphica brand was a big selling point.

To explore this theme, I wanted to convey a growth in nature. From this, I began research on what I could create using the paper and the possibilities of animation, as I knew it could be quite limited due to this media. I ultimately decided on animating the blossoming of a rose, making use of Pergraphica High White Smooth 100 g/m² as the centrepiece of this work. I made sure to use the 100 g/m² paper as it was easily mouldable and easy to cut. This made the animation much more straightforward than I had previously thought, allowing me to easily change the position of the paper between frames. ​​​​​​​


The Mask Dance by Leah Walker

Fine Arts, Leeds Arts University

I created a garment, props and sound effects using almost entirely Pergraphica paper, in order to create an illusionary, immersive piece of film.

I wanted the paper, Pergraphica High White Smooth 240gsm, to be the focal point of the piece and tried to incorporate it into every component, using it as every noise/instrument in the soundtrack excluding the bass line, as well as manipulating it for visual effects. This fits the Creatives inspiring creatives theme, as I want to showcase how such a rudimentary material can have such a diverse effect on the world of arts. ​​​​​​​

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