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Ten years of Vangardist - growing up in style

Magazines come and go, but Vangardist is here to stay. Find the best of the previous ten years condensed into their anniversary edition "Boyhood to Mankind"
They say a dog's year counts as much as seven human years. With the last decade seeing magazine closures left and right, you might be tempted to make similar calculations with a magazine's age; especially one that from the get go has positioned itself at the forefront, the avant-garde of what's possible. In the case of the aptly named Vangardist, their ten-year anniversary book proves that age is not just a number - it's an indicator that bucking the trend helps you to, well, buck the trend.
The Vienna-based magazine brands itself as the progressive man's magazine, and as we've covered in a previous article, they are no strangers to pushing the limits. Whether it’s ground-breaking covers containing actual human blood or moving from a digital to a printed magazine: Vangardist is always about taking chances.

As expected, it hasn’t always been easy, but as Julian Wiehl, co-founder and editor-in-chief mentions in the foreword of “Boyhood to Mankind”, it has always been worth it:

But these 10 years have given me the most wonderful moments you could imagine. I’ve learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and that you have to be comfortable in your own garden.
Apart from this insight about the worth of staying true to yourself, the obvious fruits of their labours are now condensed in this impressive volume. Printed on Pergraphica Classic Rough, there are 272 pages filled to the brim with the best texts and photography of the past ten years. The sheer weight of the unit provides exactly the sort of heft you'd expect from an anniversary edition.
If you're in the lucky position to own this book - make sure your coffee table can handle it.
We’re sure that in another ten years, it'll have to hold an even bigger one.

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Vangardist Magazine


Peter Schmid



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